Stettler Rifle and Pistol Club

Nevis Outdoor Range & Stettler Indoor Range Rules

Outdoor Range (Up to 200m):
Hours of Operation 8:00am to 8:00pm daily providing there is sunlight.

ALL members and their guests must acknowledge they will abide by the rules by signing the ledger each day they use the Range.

If the landowner is working his equipment, the range is closed until he is done.

Pets are not allowed.

Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs will not be tolerated on the Ranges.

This range is not approved for shotgun, 50BMG,or full/converted auto use.  DO NOT SHOOT THROWN CLAYS!

Steel cased ammo is prohibited.

Shooting by yourself, you’re your own Range Officer;

Two or more member shooters it will be determined amongst yourselves to designate a Range Officer.  The Range Officer’s commands MUST be obeyed ALL times.

No one will be allowed to proceed ahead of the firing line until advised that it is safe to do so by the Range Officer.

Ensure all Range flags or indicators of a live Range are in place before shooting starts.

DO NOT approach the residence, to the north of the Range; it is PRIVATE PROPERTY and the owner wants no affiliation with our Club.

All children [17 and under] must be directly supervised by an adult at all times when on the Range, until they’ve proven their competency to other members, {not necessarily a family member}.  Parents may wish to seek out an appropriate Hunter/Safety program for their children’s benefit.  On Family Memberships the primary card holder is responsible for his/her family’s actions.

Members must show their valid SR&PC membership when asked to.

Guests are welcome only once per calendar year with a member.

Do not deface or damage Range property [ie: shooting benches, chairs, backstops, outhouse facilities] and clean up after yourself before leaving.  If you do find something damaged or feel it’s time to replace target supports please leave a message at one of these numbers, including your phone number so we can follow up promptly:

Will Brown 403-741-9367 President
Quincey Schowalter 403-323-5463 Vice President

Eye and hearing protection must be worn while using the Range. This applies to everyone on the firing line as well as behind the line.

Firearms must be handled and fired in a safe manner, never point a firearm at anyone.  Actions must be open at all times, except when being fired; no cross firing.

The designated Range Officer should visually prove that all guns on the firing line are clear and unloaded, before allowing anyone to proceed down the range.

The use of rapid fire trigger actuators is prohibited. Firing semi-automatic firearms as fast as the trigger can be pulled is prohibited.

Types of approved targets include: paper, clay targets, balloons and metallic silhouette; metallic targets are designated for lead bullets only.

All targets must be placed within the boundaries of the range target frames. No targets of any kind will be allowed outside the range target frames. Clay targets will be placed at the bottom of the backstop or clay target holder depending on what is available, clays will not be thrown.

Targets not allowed are bottles, cans or jugs (plastic or glass, full or empty); animals, explosive targets or cartridge cases. No targets shall be placed on top of the dirt berms.

The INDOOR RANGE is approved for paper targets only.

It is approved for 22LR in rifles and handguns.

It is also approved for handgun ammunition which utilizes a lead bullet with a muzzle velocity of 750 feet per second or less [as described in any loading handbook].

Hours of Use: 
             Indoor Range: Mondays @ 7:00 PM    Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
             Outdoor Range: 8:00AM to 8:00PM Daily providing there is daylight.

Memberships available through:

Romar  Shooting Sports,  4304 44 Ave. Store Hours 8:30 -5:00 Monday thru Friday.

(403) 742-3713


Big Game Source for Sports, 4805A+B 75th Street.  Hours are 9am-6pm Mon-Sat.

(403) 740-3000

Anyone found disregarding these Range rules may have their privileges and membership revoked.

Be considerate of our neighbors and fellow members,


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