Legal Land Descriptions for transport permits are as follows:
Indoor Range: 5102 50 Ave. Stettler, AB
Outdoor Range: SE 1/4-23-38-22 W4M

Directions to the Nevis Outdoor Range:

Latitude 52.279048

Longitude -113.029060
Starting from the Wal-Mart/UFA stoplight on highway 12 westbound.
Proceed WEST ON HWY 11 to Range Road 22-1 there is a sign ‘SCENIC ACRES’ on
the south corner of this intersection, about 20 kms from the lights in Stettler to this
Turn LEFT, you will be heading SOUTH on RR 22-1 proceed south 4.3kms,
Turn right [west into location] crossing the cattle guard, the landowner’s gate may be
shut, but it’s usually open. Leave it however you found it. Note the signage referring to
STETTLER RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB. Flip the sign up to make people aware that the
Range is in use.
Stay to the right, drive towards the barbed wire fence, park near the walk in gate. If you
see gravel handling equipment, but don’t see any one working the crushers or loaders
etc. ; it is safe to sign in and enjoy a fine day of shooting.

Directions to the Indoor Range:

The indoor range is now open for the winter season, Mondays and Wednesdays.  7pm until the last shooter leaves.

Under the post office in Stettler, using the door found on the East side of the building.

5102 50 Ave
Stettler, AB

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